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If you've been looking for a way to do things differently, then we are your people.

We work with people with disability to introduce new experiences, share our passions and look for ways to support yours.

We are a collective of great people with awesome skills, exciting ideas and a desire to share them with you.

More than just a place to stay. This is where your Escape begins. What kind of Escape? Well, that’s up to you.

The boring bits…

Available for Friday & Saturday night stays in Ballina.

Includes a mentor for the full duration of your stay with us.

Billed at NDIS 1:1 Short Term Accommodation rate. All Escape activity costs are covered. You do not need any spending money.

All Escapes allow for up to two alcoholic drinks per person. Any additional are at your personal cost.

Professional people teaching professional skills. Our chefs are qualified chefs. Our technology workshops are run by technology consultants. Our health workshops are run by a qualified health coach. There are no support workers pretending to know how to teach here. We think it makes a difference in the quality of our teaching and your learning.

Come try us and see if you agree.

The boring bits…

Workshops are billed as a program of support at 1:2 rate + Centre Cost fee + Non Face-to-Face time for a 10-week block. Quotes issued upon inquiry.

New programs start every 10 weeks. For 2024 this is on January 8, March 18, May 27, August 5 and October 14.

It is assumed all participants want to learn skills in the chosen workshop (we can’t make your person love cooking if they hate it at home).

Meet some people, share some food, and enjoy a drink.

Our events are hosted in our festoon-lit courtyard and you can see what's coming up here.

The boring bits...

Billed at 1:2 support rate + Centre Cost Fee + 15 mins Non Face-to-Face time.

$10 paid by you for food and drinks.

We do not offer a pick-up/drop off service, but can organise taxis.

There is alcohol at these events.

Email us to be put on the invite list (these come out as text messages in the lead-up to the event).

Curious about what K&Co. looks like? Have a community group in need of a space? Have a one-off event and need an intimate courtyard setting?

We are currently a disability consultancy with beautiful spaces. Help us become a community space where people are gathering because of shared interests, rather than because a diagnosis is the norm.

Email us. All interesting inquiries for use are welcome.

Life is about connection and stories. We want to explore and honour those through a series of short interviews with interesting people.

Are you a community member with something to say? Or do you have a heart-warming story to share? Email us and one of our emerging podcasters will be in touch to organise a recording time.

Not a sharer, but a listener? Stories coming soon.

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