Dear Ballina Community,


This week some of our community protested. You told the government we are sick of restrictions and rules.  You told them we want to choose how we live our lives.


I want to tell you about how my clients are currently living their lives.


Sam is living with her mum, because her husband doesn’t understand social distancing. Sam has down syndrome and diabetes. Even fully vaccinated, getting Covid is a really bad idea for her.


Then there is Rachel. She was leading the ten pin bowling comp. But that’s all over now. So is her volunteer role. They will be over for a long time for her, because having a disability means even fully vaccinated, getting sick from Covid is likely to land her in hospital. She is terrified of hospitals.


Or I could tell you about Ken. Fit and unstoppable running his own business, up till his recent MND diagnosis. Covid 19 will almost certainly be an accelerated death sentence for him. Isolation to prevent that will soon be his only option.


When we hear the 11am death stats and feel relieved when the words ‘underlying health conditions’ make us feel safe because we don’t have those, know that it only adds to my clients fears. When we hear of NSW opening up, and the virus moving through our communities, they know they become a little more vulnerable. When they see large groups of people in their community choosing to go against the health recommendations they feel isolated because they can’t trust us to help keep them safe.


If the hospital system becomes overwhelmed, they will not meet the triage requirements to get a bed. But you will, even though you ignored health advice. Even though you choose not to wear a mask. Even though you choose not to vaccinate. Because you do not have under lying health conditions.


So, speak your piece and hold your rallies under the banner of free speech, but know that this will result in someone vulnerable, in YOUR community, going to bed a little more confused, a lot more scared and significantly more at risk.


I hear your arguments about businesses going broke and people fighting for their livelihoods. The disability community in Northern NSW spent approx. 160 million dollars last year in our local businesses. They are joining your gyms, booking into your workshops, bringing their support workers into your cafes. They are employing a significant portion of our local workforce who in turn spend in your businesses. They hold a value that’s not just human but also critical in terms of our local economy.


If you are a business owner reading this and you know your staff have been to a rally, or are online encouraging people to break health advice, then it’s time to pull them aside for a chat. If you are a support worker attending these events, its time to stop. The disability community are watching, and when it comes time to spend their dollars again they will remember who cared enough.


If you see any of our staff at these illegal events, please tell me. They will be stood down immediately.


Kindest, Karina & David Mckey

Directors of Karina & Co.

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Karina - founder & choice advocate




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