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Three words to describe me

Detailed, methodical and kind.

Things I love

When a spreadsheet balances, when something in my garden grows and when my granddaughter visits. I also love a road trip that ends in a good country pub.

What doesn’t work for me

When I have to follow up multiple times about the same thing. When information is kept in people’s heads and not in a system that we can track.

Things you need to know if you choose to work with me

I’ve worked across many businesses over many years. I’m a wealth of knowledge and it never hurts to ask what I think, even if it seems unrelated to my role.

If we had a talent quest I'd win the award for...

The most organised filing system.

My availability

I am part of the office team, so if you have a question about insurances or how serious we take compliance, I’m your man.

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