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Chef & Mentor


Three words to describe me

Matter of fact.

Things I love

Outdoors activities like bush walking, fishing, camping, climbing and snowboarding. I also enjoy gardening and crafting with wood. As a chef, i love anything food related. And dogs. I love dogs.

What doesn’t work for me

I’m not a fan of tedious tasks like writing or working with tight schedules (like writing my bio LOL). Being an active person, I find it frustrating when things don’t progress. I’m also not a fan of swimming.

Things you need to know if you choose to work with me

I have an amazing dog who is available for walks and puppy dog cuddles if you choose. His name is Ceaser and he is a giant and adorable Bernese Mountain Dog.

If we had a talent quest I'd win the award for...

The driest sense of humour.

My availability

I’m fully booked, but if you have an exciting goal that fits the things I love then I could be persuaded.

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