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Three words to describe me

Unconventional, supportive and effective.

Things I love

My Labrador, Harvey. Solving a challenge. Having an adventure. A long run to really bad 90’s music. A great wine bar.

What doesn’t work for me

When I feel I'm not working in a partnership or am not being told the truth. And getting text messages early on a Sunday morning.

Things you need to know if you choose to work with me

I’m always late. I don’t mean to be, but I am. Please be understanding. I promise if you're having a bad day I'll give you all the time you need, too.

If we had a talent quest I'd win the award for...

Being the person that knows what to do next. Or possibly who knows what wine varietal is in the glass.

My availability

I’m always available for a chat, even if our books are closed. We know the very best people in our sector and if we can't help, I’ll know who to recommend.

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