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Health Coach


Three words to describe me

Thoughtful, warm and kind.

Things I love

My husband and three kids, sunrise walks with my dog Turbo (who lives up to his name) and going for a surf (as long as it's not too big - I'm a scaredy cat!).

What doesn’t work for me

Dishonesty and lateness. I also suck at late nights!

Things you need to know if you choose to work with me

I believe in balance. I am a health coach and love exercising and eating a balanced diet. But I also love chocolate and cocktails! I am working on making extra time to relax. I always come back a better version of myself when I do it.

If we had a talent quest I'd win the award for...

Being the most encouraging person on the team.

My availability

I have limited health coaching availability on a Wednesday or Thursday.

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